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Choosing the Best Server Racks for your Data Center

A well-chosen server rack will go along to ensure your data center is more efficient in terms of cooling, layout, and flexibility. Therefore, it is critical to treat your choice of server racks as a vital element of data center designing and planning. While selecting server racks, below are some of the main points you have to keep in mind.


Proper assembly of the rack and the strength of the materials that make the racks determine the server’s load capacity. It is not wise to consider a rack assembly as a trivial task. It is advisable to hire trained professionals to assemble the racks to avoid errors in the assembly, which can lead to structural damages or damage to the servers.

Open server racks are the easiest to assemble as they involve mounting rails meant to be attached. The ease of assembling the racks should not dictate your choice of server racks.

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Overheating of the data center is the most common cause of damage to a server. The best way of reducing overheating in a data center is through ventilation. You can improve the airflow in a data center by choosing server racks with meshed front doors and rare perforated doors. It would help if you considered purchasing server racks with removable doors to quickly release hot air during an emergency. If you are working under a tight budget, you can consider installing a fan above the servers to keep them cool. Open server racks with rails supporting servers are ideal if ventilation is your crucial requirement. However, for servers to be protected by enclosures, you can choose top-cooled racks with dedicated and precision cooling units for each server.

Ease of Customization

Off-the-shelf server racks offer your desired flexibility, and this is where you will need to customize your rack. Depending on the server and other data center elements, a custom-built server rack may help you optimize ventilation and adjustability, giving your data center the much-needed business edge.

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Your rack system must allow for easy accessibility, adjustability, and flexibility, which are essential for the data center design plan. You need to inspect the kind of cables and servers that will make the data center and optimize the racks so that accessibility and connectivity are not compromised.

A data center is a crucial part of your business, and ensuring it is at its best should be a priority when planning and designing the data center.…