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Tips on Getting a Student Laptop

As a student, you’ll need a laptop for your assignments. It is crucial to your academics, and it can make or break the future of your studies. It is a worthy investment because a laptop usually lasts for at least 5-6 years until its inevitable performance decay. Before deciding on which notebook you want, you’ll need to figure out these things first. It will help you choose the best laptop for the best price.

typing on laptopAdjust with Your Needs

Every students’ needs are different, according to what they study and the requirements of their assignment. For example, a graphic design student might not do well with a MacBook Air since it can’t perform well with heavy, sophisticated design softwares. The small monitor might make it hard for them to look into designing details as well.

On the other hand, a journalism student might do better with a MacBook Air, since they’ll need to write on-the-go, so they need a small laptop to be carried around easily. Figure out what kind of work you’ll need to do for your studies and adjust your laptop to those needs.

Small Processor isn’t a Problem

A small processor, or the core of the laptop, is not a big concern. You might be worried that it’ll run slow, but it all depends on your maintenance. If you keep your data clean and doesn’t store too much for it to weigh on the laptop’s drive, your laptop will run smoothly. If you have the heavy software, keep your data as minimum as possible. Store it in the cloud instead, if you don’t open it every day.

Instead of a larger processor, you should get a larger memory instead, so that you won’t have any trouble installing any software you want. We recommend getting an Intel Quad Core or equivalent as a minimum standard processor for your laptop.

students meetingOpt for Mobility

Students will need to move around from class to class, campus to campus, and they’ll need to use their laptops almost everywhere they go. This is why, as long as you’re a student, you need to consider the easiness of mobility for your laptop. Bulky laptops are not only a hassle, but it is also bad for your body to be carrying around something that weighs more than 1.3 kilograms every day. The standard laptop weight is 1.3 kilograms.

A laptop with feather-light weight would be more beneficial for your student queries. Test the laptop you’re going to buy for how much it weighs by putting it inside the bag you carry around every day and see if it tires you just by bringing the laptop alone, and with a few other things inside such as books or a pencil case that you usually bring to school.…

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Laptop Maintenance You Should Know

A laptop is often the key to someone’s work and life in general. It is where you store important documents, such as pictures, presentations, etc. It is also where you surf the internet and occasionally entertains yourself with music and movies, games, and more.

However, without proper maintenance, the quality of your laptop will decrease quickly. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself going through lags, taking forever to open software or load a file. To keep yourself from experiencing this, you’ll need to do regular maintenance.

laptop and tablet on deskData Storage

Keeping your data in your laptop is deemed the most secure when it isn’t. We never know what might happen to our computer, it might suddenly shut down one day, and all your files will be lost, or you could become a victim of malware crime where someone hacks into your laptop and locks your data, and you can only get them back if you pay them in bitcoin.

To ensure that all your data are completely safe, you need to store them online. Email the most critical files to yourself, so if you lose it, you’ll know it’s in your inbox ready to be re-downloaded. You can also use storage websites, such as Google Docs or Dropbox. This entire process is called a backup data storage, in case your primary data storage gets corrupted. It is stored in the ‘cloud’ which is the internet.

Data Clean Up

Over time, your data is going to pile up, and it’s going to take up space in your data storage. This will cause your laptop to slow down and lag, as the processor can’t keep up with the performance. You’ll need to clean your data every once to twice a month.

Cleaning your data doesn’t mean that you need to delete everything, just data that you won’t need in the future or can be stored elsewhere. If you have heavy software in your drive, such as Adobe, it’s best to keep the data in documents at a minimum. You can store files in the cloud instead, as mentioned before, to keep your data safe.

laptop on desk meetingActual Monitor And Keyboard Clean Up

We’ve all binged watched a Netflix series in front of our laptops, on our beds, with snacks all around us, crumbs everywhere. We continuously expose our monitor and keyboards to dirt, and it will eventually pile up inside the mechanics, which is pretty dangerous as it can cause an electrical blow. That’s why you need to clean your monitor and keyboard frequently.

Use an antiseptic wipe specifically for laptop monitors to clean it, and for your keyboard, you can use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol to clean the gaps between the keys. Be careful not to wet the cotton bud too much, or the liquid will drip into the wires inside your laptop bed. You can also use a wet wipe to clean the surface of your laptop bed.…