man looking at laptop in the dark

Avoid Getting Hacked

Every single computer in this world is at risk of being hacked. There are many traps online to allow hackers to access our computers and do whatever they want with the data that they’ve acquired. They might even be able to scam you for money better when they’ve hacked into your computer system. It is a real threat that can cause people to lose not only valuable files but millions of dollars worth of money as well. However, there are some ways that you can protect yourself from getting hacked.

hooded figure behind computer codesMake a Unique Password

When hackers try to get into your system, they intercept with a program that can guess a few letters in your password. Usually, if the password is something obvious like your birthday, either of your parents’ name or your name spelled backward, the hackers will be able to guess it easily. It is also easier if it’s a whole word, for example, you can probably guess what makes up the password il*vem*mot**r. That’s why you should create a unique password, with numbers and special case letters so that the password is not too easy to guess. It is also advisable for you to have different passwords for different accounts so that if a hacker gets into one, he or she won’t have access to all the other ones too.

Use Different E-Mails

A hacker’s most potent agenda is to get into your email. This is because usually when you register to any website account, you’ll have to register with your e-mail and this will also be a part of your login information. Once a hacker gets into the email you use for every single account, all he needs to do is claim forgot password for your account and an email to reset the password will be sent to the email (which the hacker has access too). There goes all of your accounts and your primary email, and everything necessary in it. It belongs to the hacker now. The best way to avoid this scenario is to use different emails to register in separate accounts. It doesn’t mean that you’d have to have one for each account, just more than one primary account should be good.

coding program on a computerSync Your Devices

You can track whether or not you have been hacked by syncing your accounts. You can take control over another device while you have it synced. For example, someone has hacked into your YouTube account. You can’t access it from your laptop, but if you have it synced in your phone, you can easily access it and block your laptop before the hacker does anything serious like getting your personal information. You can also see if any new devices are trying to get into your account and block any that isn’t familiar.

Never Click Ads

There are plenty of advertisements online that you’re going to come across to. Whether it’s about things that you like or not, you should never click on ads, especially if they seem shady. A hacker’s key in getting into your system is by sending a virus that is activated when you click their bait. You might think you’re looking at a fashion catalog that you’ve never seen before when all along a hacker has gained access to your data and is trying to find something useful to use against you. If you see an advertisement and want to look at it, look it up on a search engine first to ensure its credibility and to make sure no click-ads are embedded into it.