Factors to Consider When Choosing a POS System for Your Salon

Business owners strive to give their clients the best services to retain them. Most retailers in the service industry, such as salons, will want to please their customers by making them look amazing. Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate pos system hair salon business to enable you to receive payments and control inventory. In addition, it is crucial to look for hardware and software installations that will help your business run efficiently. We will discuss a few essential features when selecting the best POS system for your salon business.


It is essential to know how to use the right POS system to run your salon business efficiently. Business owners should train their employees to use the POS system and complete transactions within a few minutes. If you have repeat clients in your salon business, ensure that you have POS software with an integrated CRM to help keep essential client information. It will be easier to track your customer’s buying habits that will help you to know the fast-moving beauty products that you need to restock.

Employee Management

Business owners need to devise ways for better employee management. The right POS software will enable you to schedule employee’s work and monitor hours that they have worked. It will allow you to save your labor costs and boost customer experience in your business. If you choose the best POS software, you will get good employee management that will provide a detailed view of the number of employees you have in your business and the tasks they can finish.

Printed Promotions

Some receipt printers have cloud software that allows users to print free receipts. Of course, not all business owners will provide receipts for every transaction, but it is easier to schedule printed promotions with the latest POS system. If you buy the best POS system for your business, it is easier to market your business through custom promotions to boost your business growth.

Inventory Control

Keeping track of the inventory of your salon’s products will help you stock more products that the customers want and clear your old stock. POS systems are efficient in providing you with data on the available products in your store. Investing in the right POS system will enhance the proper inventory control and enable you to determine the available products. In addition, you can organize how to do direct shipping to have them available for your customers.

When choosing a POS system, it is essential to determine your needs to issue receipts and inventory management for your business. Selecting the best software will make your work efficient from customer relationship management to keep track of your inventory.


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Choosing the Best Server Racks for your Data Center

A well-chosen server rack will go along to ensure your data center is more efficient in terms of cooling, layout, and flexibility. Therefore, it is critical to treat your choice of server racks as a vital element of data center designing and planning. While selecting server racks, below are some of the main points you have to keep in mind.


Proper assembly of the rack and the strength of the materials that make the racks determine the server’s load capacity. It is not wise to consider a rack assembly as a trivial task. It is advisable to hire trained professionals to assemble the racks to avoid errors in the assembly, which can lead to structural damages or damage to the servers.

Open server racks are the easiest to assemble as they involve mounting rails meant to be attached. The ease of assembling the racks should not dictate your choice of server racks.

server racks


Overheating of the data center is the most common cause of damage to a server. The best way of reducing overheating in a data center is through ventilation. You can improve the airflow in a data center by choosing server racks with meshed front doors and rare perforated doors. It would help if you considered purchasing server racks with removable doors to quickly release hot air during an emergency. If you are working under a tight budget, you can consider installing a fan above the servers to keep them cool. Open server racks with rails supporting servers are ideal if ventilation is your crucial requirement. However, for servers to be protected by enclosures, you can choose top-cooled racks with dedicated and precision cooling units for each server.

Ease of Customization

Off-the-shelf server racks offer your desired flexibility, and this is where you will need to customize your rack. Depending on the server and other data center elements, a custom-built server rack may help you optimize ventilation and adjustability, giving your data center the much-needed business edge.

person at server room


Your rack system must allow for easy accessibility, adjustability, and flexibility, which are essential for the data center design plan. You need to inspect the kind of cables and servers that will make the data center and optimize the racks so that accessibility and connectivity are not compromised.

A data center is a crucial part of your business, and ensuring it is at its best should be a priority when planning and designing the data center.…

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How to Choose the Best Firewall Features for Your Business

As businesses evolve into digital workplaces, cyber-attacks and data have become a common occurrence — the first step that most people take to counter this is knowing how to respond to a cyber-attack. However, that is not effective enough without having the best firewall.

A good firewall like sonicwall firewall to protect your business is typically a protective barrier (hardware) placed between the public internet and your internal network to prevent intrusions from entering your system. It functions by scanning traffic going in and out of your system as well as prevent malicious attacks from entering.

The pressures and complexities that surround choosing the best firewall is an issue to many business professionals. The struggle of picking the right one is as a result of the different features it offers. Below, is a list of top features of a firewall that you should consider before choosing one.

Robust Protection Against Malicious Attacks

A firewall will only be worth your hard-earned money if it has the capability of protecting your network from compromising threats. These threats include DDoS attacks and malicious hackers. Additionally, it should also scan for threats in traffic to and from applications within your system.

network security

Real-Time Alerts

Technology is now making every process to be in real-time. A real-time feature is essential to any firewall. The feature will provide you with real-time updates of any attack that is in progress. Through this, you can combat the malicious attack before it spreads to the whole network.

Remote Access

The firewall that you’ll select should provide you with control and remote access to your site. The remote access is essential for businesses having employees working from home or multiple offices. Therefore, ensure it allows client-based VPN and site to site tunnels.

Spam and Website Filtering

The feature enables you to block websites based on individual website names and categories. It is an ideal feature in the case where you know some malicious sites. Additionally, it also performs spam filtering functions as well as inspecting the traffic coming through your email.


It is the latest firewall feature innovation. The feature prevents access to malicious access to malicious content found in links. The feature monitors the link after a user clicks on it, and if the link turns out to be malicious, the feature sends a signal to the firewall. The firewall will then block the file and proceeds to stop it from being downloaded.

Inspection of Encrypted Traffic

firewall securityIt is an essential feature since most cyber attackers use encrypted traffic. The feature inspects SSL encrypted traffic. Firewalls with this feature capture the encrypted traffic as it comes into your network, then decrypt it and read it to ensure it is what it says it is. Finally, it re-encrypts and sends it back out. The whole process is accomplished by using the same SSL certificate.

Wireless control

The feature allows controlling wireless internet access and wireless access points connected to the firewall. With this feature, it will enable safe and protected wireless connections from smartphones, tablets, wireless printers, and tablets. It is an essential feature for businesses operating at a big working place or different geographical locations.…

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Benefits of Virtual House Tours in the Real Estate

Virtual reality commonly known as VR is a technology that is transforming how we communicate in real estate business. Most people conclude that VR is a technology niche that applies to avid gamers and designers only. Surprisingly realistic virtual reality house and home tours can still employ this technology to translate the property information conveniently. In fact, the introduction of VR and AR technology to real estate and architecture industry is not tied within the walls alone.

Virtual Reality and virtual house tours enable people to walk through apartments from their comfort zone. Although the virtual house tour graphics do not appear an exact replica of the real world, you can still get almost the exact feel of the depth of the layout and the space of the apartment. In this guide, you will learn the benefits of seeking the services of virtual house tours when you want to invest in real estate. Continue reading.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the number of people who visit and leave a property site after viewing a single page. Apart from just posting quality contents, you can embrace the use of virtual home tours to engage your visitors. Generally, VR tours last for about one minute. That way, clients are likely to spend more time on the property site compared to the manual system. Through the virtual house tour, you will be able to achieve a reduced bounce rate on your real estate site.

Reduced bounce rate in return increases traffic and SEO ranking. In addition, this technology aids in increasing customer retention that boosts your online presence.


This is probably the biggest benefit of seeking virtual house tours in the real estate industry. Virtual reality home tour solutions help in saving a lot of time for both the clients and realtors. With VR technology, you do not have to travel from one apartment or property to another. You do not have to sit for hours in stagnant traffic jams.

As I mentioned early, you can view the apartment on graphics from the comfort of your home or office. You are only required to put on your headsets and check the immersive three-dimensional virtual house tours.

Nowadays, a lot of people use real estate agents to conduct virtual tours from their office without wasting time touring to the actual location. Moreover, using virtual reality house tour technology implies that every listed property is open for view all around the clock. Apart from saving time, the VR technology saves money too.

Brand Elevation

Virtual reality solutions can also help in elevating brands in the real estate business. The VR technology offers investors and clients a chance to grow their brands. Virtual reality property tour is a technological exercise by nature. However, this technology gives access to the worlds that are literally inaccessible. Basically, the VR technology elevates real estate brands to the heights that may otherwise not be reached through the traditional systems.

Sense of Ownership

VR triggers an instant sense of ownership of the property. The traditional means of real estate nudging and pitching is really hard for most agents. The VR house tour technology nudges clients towards making a purchase or even signing a rental agreement. With VR house tours, the clients and agents are able to have prior information about the property before contacting the owner. This plays a huge role in achieving more successful transactions.…

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Important Steps for ISO 27001 Implementation

Starters in ISO 27001 implementation may probably be looking for an easy way of implementing it. There is no easy way of doing this. You can, however, follow some steps to make the process better. Here are some of the steps you must go through if you need to achieve ISO 27002 certification.

Obtain Management Support

management meeting

This is rather obvious, and it is normally not taken seriously enough. It is, however, the main reason why ISO 27001 projects fail. Management does not provide enough people to work on the project or enough resources. You, therefore, need to the support of the management first.

Write an ISMS Policy

This is a high-level document in your ISMS. It should not be very detailed but need to define some basic issues for information security in the organization. Its purpose is for management to define what to achieve and how to control it.

Define Risk Assessment Methodology

The point here is to define the rules for identifying vulnerabilities, assets, threats, likelihood and impacts, and define acceptable risk level. If these rules are not defined clearly, you may find yourself in a situation where you get unusable results.

Perform Risk Assessment and Treatment

Here you must implement what is defined in the previous step. It can take several months for big organizations, so you need to coordinate such efforts with care. The point is to get a clear picture of the dangers of the organization’s information.

The purpose of risk this process is to reduce the risks that are not acceptable. Here risk assessment report is written. This documents all steps taken during the risk assessment and treatment process. An approval of residual risks must also be obtained

Write the Statement of Applicability

After the risk treatment process, you know the exact controls you need. The purpose of this document is to list all controls and define which ones are applicable and which ones are not, and the reasons for such decisions, objectives to be achieved and how they are implemented. This is the most suitable document for obtaining management authorization for ISMS implementation.

Risk Treatment Plan

This document defines how the controls from the scalability of applicability are to be implemented. It is an implementation plan focused on the controls without which you will not be able to coordinate further steps in the project.

Implement the Controls

security awarenessThis is the riskiest part of the project. It means the application of new technology and implementation of new behavior in the organization. New procedures and policies are required, and people tend to resist change, so they need training and awareness.

Implement Training and Awareness Programs

You need first to explain your personnel why the procedures and policies are necessary if you want them to implement the policies. The absence of such programs is the second most reason for the failure of ISO 27001 projects.

After this, you can now, operate and monitor the ISMS. Internal audit, management review and corrective and preventive action will follow after that. Following these steps will help you the ISO 27001 implementation.…

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What to Look for in Sports Headphones

Music can motivate you to power through strenuous workouts and have fun during the process according to research. You are less likely to focus on the physical strain when music is moving you along. This way you will exercise longer and push yourself harder. You will, however, need headphones that will stay in place and out of your way when doing the workouts or running. Consider the following factors to get the best sports headphones.


When doing exercises with headphones, it is essential to be aware of what is going on around you. Sports headphones with open designs will let in ambient sounds. These sounds will keep you tuned into your environment. This keeps you safe as you will hear the sound of coming vehicles or any other thing that can harm your when on your exercise.

Fit and Comfort

fitting headphones

The best styles of headphones for sports are the earbuds. This is because they do not add extra weight. Regular earbuds, however, tend to fall off the ears when you are running or jogging around. Sports headphones should be specially designed to stay firmly in the ears. They should come with soft silicone tips in various sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit in your ears.

Additionally, these tips should be light yet durable to avoid nerves and pressure points in your ears for more comfort during long workout sessions.


You should go for tough headphones. Such headphones are built to endure rigorous workouts. They also need to be sweat and moisture resistant. This way you are sure they will not be damaged by rain or sweat. Besides they will last long enough if they are sturdy.

Stay in Control

The last thing you want to do when rolling with your workout is to stop in the middle of the moves to pull out your device to adjust the volume or skip a track. Most of these sports headphones have in-line remote controls. If you need to take calls, ensure you get a pair that has an in-line microphone which works with your phone.

Avoid Cord Entanglement

wireless headphonesThe cables of sports headphones need to be extra-durable with flat, tangle-free design. This implies that you can put them into your gym or sports bag without worrying about damaging them. They should also be of more manageable length than the regular earbud cords. Some of them even come with shorter cables you can use to wear the device on your armband.

You may also try out the wireless headphones. However, keep in mind that such earbuds will not work if their inbuilt batteries are not charged. You should plan ahead to keep the tunes pumping throughout the exercise or run.

Quality Sound

Many design considerations go into making a pair of headphones suitable for running and other sports activities. It is crucial that the headphones sound good enough to keep you motivated during the exercises.

These are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a sports headphone to buy. This will help motivate you in your training.…

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Benefits of Using API Software

Business people have started using API management software/service. This is one of the latest technologies on the current market which have lead to tremendous development on different aspects of technology development. Some organization integrated service oriented infrastructure that makes the delivery of services faster and easier.


API management software or platform has a list of features that addresses the various needs of the company. Business people, enterprises and organizations should make use of the powerful, scalable, Api scheduling software to improve productivity. It has helped many firms in reducing overhead, increasing maintainability and automating infrastructure. In general, these platforms are known for providing huge benefits when it comes to product management and health.

Reduced Overhead

API software is a management platform that is easy to use. It is equipped with a well-designed user interface that makes it easier for stakeholders to make in an organization to make meaningful changes. This has made everything right from the design to documentation very easy. It increased usability has played a significant role in reducing the learning curve which is associated with new technologies.

Automated Infrastructure

This platform has different options that can help you in managing and automating your infrastructure. Container orchestration is one of the useful solutions that can help you in managing your application’s scalability. Many businesses have been using it to manage their infrastructure.

API management platforms are helpful in providing infrastructure and scalability management features such as tracking and throttling without additional overheads. Having an automated infrastructure can help you in ensuring the integrity of the API system and reducing necessary traffic.

Easier Maintainability

Knowledge silos is one the biggest problems that are facing rapidly expanding organization. Knowledge silo refers to what happens when the engineers are segregated across various levels of a product. Segregation of the workforce will make it difficult to carry specific tasks when someone goes on vacation. Segregation can help an organization in improving the efficiency and speed of its operations but lack of shared knowledge and documentation is an issue that can affect the output of your team.

employees sharing knowledge

Having an elaborate API management platform can help you in mitigating those long-term effects. This tool has a usable user interface that allows new employees to make meaningful changes. This will prevent the output of new developers from being capped by lack of shared knowledge.

Making the Decision

Some projects or organizations don’t require API software. You should look for one which is beneficial to your company. The following are the core features key features of a API management software that you need to consider are scalability, usability, billing, analytics, documentation, and security.…


Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Services

When it comes to hosting a website, many people find it hard to decide on which web hosting services to choose from. If you are in the same situation, then you need to understand that you are not alone. It is a common problem and it requires one to approach it with seriousness. Doing an extensive research with the help of the internet will always make your work a bit easier. The following guideline will of great help to you if you are looking to host your website soon. You can also check out InMotion vs SiteGround for more information.

The Type of Hosting

hostingWhen looking for web hosting services, for you to find the best one for your website, the first thing that you need to do is to have a better understanding of the type of services that you want. Your needs will influence the compatibility with some web hosting services provider. For instance, if yours is a personal portfolio, then you do not need a dedicated server. However, if your website will be handling a lot of traffic, then you will need to make sure you find web hosting services who have the capacity to handle such.


You also need to consider the flexibility of the web hosting. This is important because when you establish a website, you do so with the intention of expanding it to be able to do whatever things that you might want to do it. This, however, can be difficult if you are going to find a web hosting service provider who does not give room for expansion of your website. Remember that technology is dynamic and this, therefore, means that you will always need to add or removal computing resources anytime that it becomes necessary.


As the technology advances, the more cybercrimes and other malicious activities in the computing world emergency. So when looking for a web hosting service provider, you need to put security issues in front. Dedicated hosting plan should clearly show you how they intend to protect your website. This means that they should you some of the features that will make a difference as far as security is concerned. However, you need to understand that hosting services that are keen to offer you quality services might be a bit more expensive than you might imagine.

Expert Review

websiteI start by telling you that for you to find a reliable web hosting services, you will need to carry out an extensive research. One of it is reading the online reviews that have been written by people who are better experienced than you are.…

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Tips on Getting a Student Laptop

As a student, you’ll need a laptop for your assignments. It is crucial to your academics, and it can make or break the future of your studies. It is a worthy investment because a laptop usually lasts for at least 5-6 years until its inevitable performance decay. Before deciding on which notebook you want, you’ll need to figure out these things first. It will help you choose the best laptop for the best price.

typing on laptopAdjust with Your Needs

Every students’ needs are different, according to what they study and the requirements of their assignment. For example, a graphic design student might not do well with a MacBook Air since it can’t perform well with heavy, sophisticated design softwares. The small monitor might make it hard for them to look into designing details as well.

On the other hand, a journalism student might do better with a MacBook Air, since they’ll need to write on-the-go, so they need a small laptop to be carried around easily. Figure out what kind of work you’ll need to do for your studies and adjust your laptop to those needs.

Small Processor isn’t a Problem

A small processor, or the core of the laptop, is not a big concern. You might be worried that it’ll run slow, but it all depends on your maintenance. If you keep your data clean and doesn’t store too much for it to weigh on the laptop’s drive, your laptop will run smoothly. If you have the heavy software, keep your data as minimum as possible. Store it in the cloud instead, if you don’t open it every day.

Instead of a larger processor, you should get a larger memory instead, so that you won’t have any trouble installing any software you want. We recommend getting an Intel Quad Core or equivalent as a minimum standard processor for your laptop.

students meetingOpt for Mobility

Students will need to move around from class to class, campus to campus, and they’ll need to use their laptops almost everywhere they go. This is why, as long as you’re a student, you need to consider the easiness of mobility for your laptop. Bulky laptops are not only a hassle, but it is also bad for your body to be carrying around something that weighs more than 1.3 kilograms every day. The standard laptop weight is 1.3 kilograms.

A laptop with feather-light weight would be more beneficial for your student queries. Test the laptop you’re going to buy for how much it weighs by putting it inside the bag you carry around every day and see if it tires you just by bringing the laptop alone, and with a few other things inside such as books or a pencil case that you usually bring to school.…

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Laptop Maintenance You Should Know

A laptop is often the key to someone’s work and life in general. It is where you store important documents, such as pictures, presentations, etc. It is also where you surf the internet and occasionally entertains yourself with music and movies, games, and more.

However, without proper maintenance, the quality of your laptop will decrease quickly. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself going through lags, taking forever to open software or load a file. To keep yourself from experiencing this, you’ll need to do regular maintenance.

laptop and tablet on deskData Storage

Keeping your data in your laptop is deemed the most secure when it isn’t. We never know what might happen to our computer, it might suddenly shut down one day, and all your files will be lost, or you could become a victim of malware crime where someone hacks into your laptop and locks your data, and you can only get them back if you pay them in bitcoin.

To ensure that all your data are completely safe, you need to store them online. Email the most critical files to yourself, so if you lose it, you’ll know it’s in your inbox ready to be re-downloaded. You can also use storage websites, such as Google Docs or Dropbox. This entire process is called a backup data storage, in case your primary data storage gets corrupted. It is stored in the ‘cloud’ which is the internet.

Data Clean Up

Over time, your data is going to pile up, and it’s going to take up space in your data storage. This will cause your laptop to slow down and lag, as the processor can’t keep up with the performance. You’ll need to clean your data every once to twice a month.

Cleaning your data doesn’t mean that you need to delete everything, just data that you won’t need in the future or can be stored elsewhere. If you have heavy software in your drive, such as Adobe, it’s best to keep the data in documents at a minimum. You can store files in the cloud instead, as mentioned before, to keep your data safe.

laptop on desk meetingActual Monitor And Keyboard Clean Up

We’ve all binged watched a Netflix series in front of our laptops, on our beds, with snacks all around us, crumbs everywhere. We continuously expose our monitor and keyboards to dirt, and it will eventually pile up inside the mechanics, which is pretty dangerous as it can cause an electrical blow. That’s why you need to clean your monitor and keyboard frequently.

Use an antiseptic wipe specifically for laptop monitors to clean it, and for your keyboard, you can use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol to clean the gaps between the keys. Be careful not to wet the cotton bud too much, or the liquid will drip into the wires inside your laptop bed. You can also use a wet wipe to clean the surface of your laptop bed.…