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Important Steps for ISO 27001 Implementation

Starters in ISO 27001 implementation may probably be looking for an easy way of implementing it. There is no easy way of doing this. You can, however, follow some steps to make the process better. Here are some of the steps you must go through if you need to achieve ISO 27002 certification.

Obtain Management Support

management meeting

This is rather obvious, and it is normally not taken seriously enough. It is, however, the main reason why ISO 27001 projects fail. Management does not provide enough people to work on the project or enough resources. You, therefore, need to the support of the management first.

Write an ISMS Policy

This is a high-level document in your ISMS. It should not be very detailed but need to define some basic issues for information security in the organization. Its purpose is for management to define what to achieve and how to control it.

Define Risk Assessment Methodology

The point here is to define the rules for identifying vulnerabilities, assets, threats, likelihood and impacts, and define acceptable risk level. If these rules are not defined clearly, you may find yourself in a situation where you get unusable results.

Perform Risk Assessment and Treatment

Here you must implement what is defined in the previous step. It can take several months for big organizations, so you need to coordinate such efforts with care. The point is to get a clear picture of the dangers of the organization’s information.

The purpose of risk this process is to reduce the risks that are not acceptable. Here risk assessment report is written. This documents all steps taken during the risk assessment and treatment process. An approval of residual risks must also be obtained

Write the Statement of Applicability

After the risk treatment process, you know the exact controls you need. The purpose of this document is to list all controls and define which ones are applicable and which ones are not, and the reasons for such decisions, objectives to be achieved and how they are implemented. This is the most suitable document for obtaining management authorization for ISMS implementation.

Risk Treatment Plan

This document defines how the controls from the scalability of applicability are to be implemented. It is an implementation plan focused on the controls without which you will not be able to coordinate further steps in the project.

Implement the Controls

security awarenessThis is the riskiest part of the project. It means the application of new technology and implementation of new behavior in the organization. New procedures and policies are required, and people tend to resist change, so they need training and awareness.

Implement Training and Awareness Programs

You need first to explain your personnel why the procedures and policies are necessary if you want them to implement the policies. The absence of such programs is the second most reason for the failure of ISO 27001 projects.

After this, you can now, operate and monitor the ISMS. Internal audit, management review and corrective and preventive action will follow after that. Following these steps will help you the ISO 27001 implementation.…